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Site Engineering Tailored to Your Industry

Prepare your private and public sector sites for construction with efficient site design. Your project is unique. Each site plan requires extensive review and an attentive team.

Fulcrum’s versatile engineers provide comprehensive support to prepare sites all over Richmond for construction. Our team has the capabilities to expand government infrastructure, help new businesses break ground and move families one step closer to a new home.

Learn more about the markets Fulcrum serves:

City Maintenance

Our small engineering firm is the perfect size for assisting cities and counties with improving the infrastructure used by residents each day. Our team can help set up many public works projects for success including drainage and sidewalks.

State and Local Infrastructure

In addition to making smaller improvements, Fulcrum can assist engineers and localities with larger infrastructure projects. You can construct new offices, fire stations, bridges and roads with Fulcrum’s input on site design needs.

Residential Developments

Homes are more than just a physical structure. The land underneath them needs to be sturdy and usable to keep a family safe. Fulcrum works to secure permits and inspect the land before building gets underway.

Commercial Properties

The Richmond, VA region is growing and as more businesses place their roots here, Fulcrum is here to help. Companies can start their businesses right with civil engineering services that are always on time and in-budget.

Utility Design

Fulcrum provides expert level consulting to aid in utility design. Our engineers have a knowledge of the environmental and governmental restrictions that utility builders must take into account when building.

Recreational Spaces

Parks, pools and picnic structures are all great additions to a community. Fulcrum provides the civil engineering services needed to make projects like these possible.

Educational Facilities

Fulcrum partners with large engineering firms to work on large scale construction projects such as schools. Our engineers bring knowledge and skill to each school site we work on.

Industrial Complexes

Large factories, warehouses or multi-building campuses are no small undertaking. Fulcrum works with Richmond’s other engineering firms to ensure these large scale projects have the expertise and manpower to move into construction.

Larisa | Private Landowner

I’m so pleased you responded. Thank you so much for looking into this for me. Determining what’s required for permitting was frustrating but the information you provided cleared it up and now we can move forward with having our project approved administratively with the City.

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The Fulcrum team has successfully prepared hundreds of sites for construction. Our engineers can ensure your project moves seamlessly from planning into building.

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FES is a black-owned civil engineering firm in Richmond, VA. Our engineers work to prepare sites for construction and development.

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