Civil Engineering and Planning Services in Richmond, VA

Expertly Handling Your Permitting, Budgeting and Design

Do you need to start construction but haven’t prepared your property?

Avoid project delays, fines and complications by fully understanding the land you’re building on.

Fulcrum Engineering Solutions provides site design and other related civil engineering services to help you build better. Our experienced team excels at getting you the permits and data you need to prepare your property.

Contribute new land developments and maintain local infrastructure with guidance from our civil engineers. Learn more about our variety of consulting services geared towards residential, commercial, utilities and industrial projects.

Tim D. | Timmons Group

Your responsiveness and professional consulting helped a few clients that we may not have otherwise been able to serve. Its nice to have a Fulcrum Engineering as a trusted partner who believes in our same values and works towards shared success!

Site Design and Permitting for Communities in Richmond, VA

Fulcrum provides an extensive array of services for the pre-structure design phase of your development project. When it comes to planning and plotting how to use your land, our engineers are prepared to help.

Each site design helps maximize the value of your project. Our engineers ensure you’re building within your site boundaries and following government regulations at every step of the process.

You can confidently move into construction knowing you’re going to meet the applicable building codes and keep your project cost-effective.

Fulcrum consistently works with localities in Central Virginia such as Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and Hanover to understand their permitting processes and ensure your project is compliant.

Our team helps set you up for the construction of new buildings as well as for infrastructure design. Whether it’s a sidewalk maintenance project or assisting with the design of new roadways, Fulcrum can keep your project on track for meeting your goals.

Meeting Environmental Regulations for Your Property

More and more builders are looking to start off sustainably. Fulcrum ensures you meet the necessary land use restrictions to protect your project and the environment.

Our team will help you acquire all of your needed environmental permits. In addition to permits, Fulcrum works on water systems, stormwater management, waste facilities and assists with geotechnical needs. 

When you consider environmental needs from the start you minimize the risk of fines, construction delays and project shutdowns.

Managing Site Costs and Handling Construction Administration 

Fulcrum goes beyond site design to help you stay on top of budgeting and coordination tasks.

The biggest inhibitor to new development and infrastructure is cost. Fulcrum sits down with your team to understand the scope and goals of your land usage. Our team can help you determine the costs associated with the pre-construction phase of your project.

From there our civil engineers can carry you to the finish line with construction administration services. Our team will help coordinate with architects, contractors and other engineers to ensure your design is a success. 

Storm drainage improvements for Ranch Road in Charlotte, NC.

Prepare to Grow Your Footprint 

Our team’s variety of engineering services ensure you’re ready for construction without ever losing sight of timeline and budget.

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FES is a black-owned civil engineering firm in Richmond, VA. Our engineers work to prepare sites for construction and development.

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