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Fulcrum Engineering Solutions, PLLC consults on infrastructure and building projects to help grow communities.

Jermaine and Earl working on civil engineering project at Fulcrum Engineering Solutions.

Developing a More Equitable Future

Fulcrum Engineering Solutions provides insightful consulting services to guide your project into construction. Our versatile engineers spent over 40 combined years in the civil engineering field before creating Fulcrum. 

Throughout each project you will receive expert recommendations and site solutions for expanding your footprint in Richmond. Create confidently knowing that you have all the necessary permits and a design that serves your space.

Fulcrum is flexible. Our small firm handles full projects ranging from city maintenance to land development. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Fulcrum often collaborates with Richmond’s larger firms to bring a unique perspective to our region’s growth.

Civil Engineering Services for Richmond, VA

Fulcrum creates the schematics to move your development idea into construction. Stay organized and accountable with our engineering services such as:

Site Design & Planning

Fulcrum works with you through all phases of land development to ensure your site is utilized correctly.

Construction Permits

Fulcrum provides building and maintenance designs that adhere to regulations and ordinances. 

Infrastructure Design

Fulcrum has the experience needed to build new functioning and affordable expansion projects.

Environmental Evaluations

Fulcrum works to help you secure environmental permits by designing sustainable projects.

Construction Cost Management

Fulcrum has an unbeatable track record for accurately determining construction costs and following those constraints.

Construction Administration

Fulcrum’s organized team will ensure smooth coordination with architects, contractors and other engineers.

Building a Higher Standard for Design in Richmond, VA

Construction and development projects often miss projected deadlines and exceed budget expectations. Fulcrum is dedicated to breaking the mold and providing our community with a better service. 

You’ll be partnered with engineers who know transparency and responsiveness is necessary for starting construction smoothly. There will be constant monitoring and managing of time and expenses. 

Fulcrum’s passionate team pays attention to your details to produce a precise site design and plan. Your concerns will always be heard, understood and implemented. 

Civil engineering drain improvement project

Tim D. | Timmons Group

Your responsiveness and professional consulting helped a few clients that we may not have otherwise been able to serve. It’s nice to have Fulcrum Engineering as a trusted partner who believes in our same values and works towards shared success!

Break Ground with Fulcrum

Building a partnership with Fulcrum guarantees your construction project will be successful. Call us today to turn your vision into reality. 

Fulcrum Engineering Solutions PLLC

FES is a black-owned civil engineering firm in Richmond, VA. Our engineers work to prepare sites for construction and development.

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